Monday, March 30, 2015

SweedieKids Hat Review (Etsy shop)

I think you all know how much I love Etsy shops so when I found SweedieKids I knew I had to get my hands on one of their products to review . My David LOVES to be my model for my product reviews and even more when it has to do with clothes , hats , glasses , etc . He was so happy once he seen the hat and even wore it to bed lol .

Here you can see my little Model wearing his European organic jersey hat ! How cute is it ?? (The hat , we already know David is cute lol) He was even happier when he seen the hat had stars . The material is truly awesome ! So soft and fits just fine . Not trying to be mean but it's always so hard to find my son hats that fit his head lol poor baby got my big head and sometimes it sucks cause nothing fits him but this hat fit just fine and he loved it . What's cool about this shop is that most of their items also come in adults size so mommies , daddies and kids can match :)

They also have different hats , bib bandanas and burp cloths . Soo cute and at great prices . Check out their shop :  and follow them on Instagram : @sweediekids .  If you visit them on Facebook and like their page all you have to do is message them saying you are a new fan and they will send you a coupon code for 20% off on your next order !!!  You won't regret it !!! We are in love with this hat :)

(- I received products for this review at NO COST ! All opinions are my own -)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bee Gifted Boutique "matching big/little bro" shirts Review & Giveaway !!

We are huge Jets fans so once I found out we were having another boy I knew we had to find matching jets shirts for David & Noah . But it was so hard finding something cute with exactly what I wanted . The owner of Bee gifted boutique made my vision come true . I was so happy when I seen the results ! I couldn't wait to get my hands on them .

The materials from the shirts are awesome ! So soft and they run true to size . My son wears 5T and the shirt fit him perfectly fine . The font and colors of the letters matched perfect with the shirt . Plus he was so excited once he seen that little Noah had a onesie matching his shirt . He was on top of the world and every single day he askes me when is Noah coming out so they can match :) We decided little Noah will wear the onesie at the hospital along with David for his newborn pictures , since we like them so much .

Now my little & big jets fans have something to wear and match when we watch the jets games . I am so happy and pleased with the result I got from Bee gifted boutique. She can make your most unique ideas come true . I feel so happy knowing my little ones have something so unique but yet so special to match and share memories together :) Thanks to the wonderful work Melissa does . She also makes the cutest easter buckets :)
And Guess what ??? Melissa gave me the chance to run a Giveaway for my amazing readers :) You can win $15.00 credit to her store !! Plus if I get more than 200 entries there will be TWO winners instead of one :) So good luck ladies !!! Giveaway will end 4/5/15 a Rafflecopter giveaway


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mother Load Bags Review & Giveaway !

Going out with a toddler can be a bit difficult sometimes since it means taking everything you can so your little one can be happy , clean and entertained while your out and about . With my three year old its ALWAYS  a huge fight cause he wants to be able to fit his toys , favorite sippy cup , snacks and put them all in my purse/baby bag . Sadly not everything fits since I also have to take extra outfit just in case he gets dirty , underwear if he has an accident and of course wipes to have him clean . My bag is a huge mess and when it comes to finding MY stuff like my car keys , phone , medicine , etc its a problem cause I have to search trough tiny toys , snacks , clothes , and more to find what I need .

What I LOVE about these bags is how easy they are to find since they come in different colors and with a drawing in front that tells you what comes or what to pack in each bag . They also come with a tiny string which makes it easier to pull out from your baby bag/book bag and see-trough front so you can see what's in there . I am now 6 months pregnant so I know things will get even more hard for me when little Noah arrives but now thanks to Mother load bags I can have everything I need for David & Baby Noah when its time to go out .

                                                      ( I was able to fit 6 diapers which is awesome)
                                                      ( Sippy cup , bottle & Juice)

                                                          (David's favorite toys)
(Clean clothes)
(Dirty clothes)
The bags can be machine washed which makes it much easier to clean . I also love how stretchy they are cause you can fit a lot of stuff or not . It's really up to you . These bags are amazing and such a huge help !! I'm so glad I found this product cause now my life will be a little easier when it comes to going out with the little ones :) Plus the product was made by a mom which makes it a huge plus in my book since I LOVE to support mom made products .

You can find out more about the Mother Load bags at .

Would you like to win your own set of Mother load bags ? Well make sure to enter the giveaway :) Giveaway will end 4/3/15 !! Good luck :) a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

SweetTarts Ropes are here & so yummy ! (Review)

I'm really not a huge candy lover . . I always prefer salty foods/snacks so it takes a lot for me to like or be "wowed" by any candy . (- I received the SweetTart ropes to test from Smiley360 for FREE at NO COST and all opinions are my own -)
These are really cool ! I like that they come in form of a little rope since its easier for my toddler to eat . When I tried the first rope from the pack I was in love !!!! They taste amazing and the punch filling inside the rope is truly awesome . I'm currently 6 months pregnant and little Noah was doing flips and kicking none stop once I took the first bite so I'm taking that as he enjoyed them :)
I received two packs so I was able to share with my husband and toddler son . . They both LOVED them !!! It got to the point that my toddler wanted to take the whole pack and not share with us lol . One thing I worry about a lot is my son choking on candies/snacks but these are soft and chewy so we had no scares/problems .

We really enjoyed the sweettart ropes and its definitely a candy we will buy from now on when we go grocery shopping :)   

Friday, March 6, 2015

Latchy Catchy Review ! Open & Close doors without making any noise :)

The Latchy Catchy is such a wonderful product ! It allows you to open and close doors silently which is great if you have little ones who still take naps during the day or even for when night time comes and baby goes to sleep .
                                                          how cute , right ? :)
I have three more months until little Noah arrives and one thing that worried me was "how will I get Noah to nap without being woken up by David??" . . . I always go trough this dilemma with Little Jacob (nephew) when he comes over . When I'm finally able to get him to sleep David always comes to the room and opens/closes the door so hard which wakes Jacob up every single time . But now I don't have to worry about that . David is now able to open/close the doors without making any noise and Jacob is able to sleep peacefully thanks to the Latchy Catchy . Plus its such a cute product too !! I love the pattern on mine :) and they have so many different patterns you can choose from . So awesome .

                                                         excuse the dirty door -.-
I really think this is a product every mom/mom to be should have on their wishlist . Its perfect for late night bathroom trips when baby is finally asleep or those annoying creaky old doors lol . New moms need all the sleep they can get and the Latchy Catchy helps so much so baby won't wake up and you can both get some rest :)
Jacob sleeping so peacefully :)
You can visit to learn more about this product and see all the different patterns they have to offer .
(--I received this product at NO CHARGE in return of my HONEST opinion--)

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Squeasy Snacker Review !

One thing my son LOVES are his sippy cups . . Every time he sees a new one he wants to buy it for
his collection and I knew the Squeasy Snacker would be the perfect addition to his other ones .
What I love about the Squeasy Snacker is how easy it is to use for him and to clean for me . My David was so happy when he seen that he could squeeze the snacker without worrying about his drink spilling . Yup !! You heard right !!! It doesn't spill . No matter how hard your little one squeezes.
You can put juice , yogurt, smoothies , water , pudding , applesauce, ANYTHING in the squeeze snacker without worrying about any messes/leaks . Another good thing is that your little one can take it wherever he goes !!! Cause it's the perfect size and material to fit in your purse , his/hers bag , anywhere !
The snacker has a NO spill insert for thinner liquidy food ! You can remove it for free flow whenever your little one wants for thicker food . So easy .
orange juice

                                                            Banana/strawberry homemade smoothie
If you mommies make your own baby food at home this snacker is perfect for you !!! Your baby/toddler will love it . . Its also so easy to clean ! The bottle turns inside out for easy cleaning and its also dishwasher safe . My little one likes his drinks cold so we always put the snacker in the freezer for a few minutes and he can enjoy and nice cool drink since the snacker is also freezer safe .
What more can you ask for ?? The Squeasy snacker is perfect and a must have if your have kids .
 It comes in three different sizes and colors you can choose from ;)
You can visit : to find out more about it and for other products ! :)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Silly Billyz Bibs Review & Giveaway !

Both little J and David are huge messy eater so when I got the chance to review Silly Billyz Bibs I knew I had to say yes . It was a must !!

Silly Billyz have some of the coolest and cutest bibs I've seen so far . They have so many different ones to choose from ! Sizes and patterns . I received a pocket bib to review . Little J has been a little sick so this time David helped me with the review . He's three but still a huge messy eater !! I always struggle to make sure he keeps his clothes clean when he eats but the bib helped a lot . It was a little small on him since It was for little J but it still worked perfectly fine . He was able to enjoy his popsicle without getting his favorite pajama shirt dirty !! Of course the popsicle started melting but NOT ONE DROP got on his shirt which was amazing .

Everything landed in the pocket the bib has which is great . I've tried so many BIG bibs for him since he's three but he was never a fan of them cause the material would "give him boo boo" around his neck but this time he didn't complain at all . Another thing that really helped with that (I think) is that the bib has SNAP closure instead of Velcro like most bibs . He didn't complain one bit while wearing the bib and he was 100% clean after he finished the popsicle .

One thing David HATES is having anything drip down his neck ! The elastic snuggle neck from the bib helped so much once the popsicle started melting cause it stopped everything from going down his neck . I always have to give him a shower right away after he finishes ice cream/popsicles but this time around we didn't have to cause he wasn't messy or sticky at all . I really loved this bib !! and now with little one #2 on the way I'm so glad to have found them .

You can visit to see all the amazing bibs they provide :)

Silly Billyz gave me the chance to do a giveaway for my readers !!! Two people will win one bib each :) One pocket bib and one plain . . Giveaway will end 3/5/15 so good luck . a Rafflecopter giveaway