Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Say Bye Bye to stress with the Pinch Me Dough ! Review .

I go trough a lot of stress daily with my health condition and stress is one of the main things that Triggers my condition . I'm so Thankful for finding the Pinch Me Dough ! As soon as I saw it I knew I had to try my best to review one and I'm so happy I did .

Pinch Me Dough is perfect to relive stress . We all deal with stress on the daily basis and the pinch me dough is a great product to have around for those times . All you need to do is take out the pinch me from the container , and massage between your fingers . Little by little you start feeling calmer and it's also a great way to keep entertained when you have free time . It's like playing with Play doh but for Adults :) Each container comes with 6 ounces of pinch me dough !

The pinch me dough also has such a wonderful scent . After using the pinch me my hands smelled so good !!! Like if I had used a new lotion . It's also very easy to get off from your hands . It won't stick and you don't need to wash your hands to get it off like other products . You can also take it with you everywhere ! Since the container is the perfect size you can throw it in your purse , car , have at your office desk , and more .

I received two Pinch me doughs which I kept the purple one for me (purple is my favorite color ever so I had to) and the white one I gave it to my husband . At first when I showed him the dough he looked at me funny , like "you really think it works??" and once he started using it he was surprised by how good it felt and made him feel .

Hubby & I trying out the dough
Once you are done using it all you need to do is place it back in the container until the next time :) easy !!
 Another thing I love about Pinch me dough is that with each dough that's bought they pay for a Soldiers Half day stress management treatment which is pretty awesome of them to do .

The pinch me dough come in 6 different scents . Beach , Earth , Spa , For Men , Tropics , and Ocean .
There's one for everyone :)

Now you know ! Kick stress to the curve with pinch me dough ;)

-- I received two products from pinch me at NO COST in return of my honest opinion --


  1. I think this is really awesome

  2. very nice review and cool product

  3. Nice Review and Woooo Stress Relief....Awesome

  4. Wow this is Awesome. Thanks for the tag Donna it's been a tough year!

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